Tuesday, November 9, 2010

He Is Worthy

I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. Psalm 18:3

As we look at this verse we should immediately see that our relationship with God is an intensely personal one. I am the one reaching out to Him and I am not doing so on behalf of anyone else but me. And no, I am not being selfish. I simply recognize that I am in trouble and that I need help.

Not only do I recognize that I have this need but I also understand that it is pointless to go to someone whom I don’t know. If I am to get any assistance I need to go to someone that I know and have a relationship with. I need to go to someone that I can trust, someone who will not turn me away, and who will not ridicule me in the bargain. Someone who loved me before I even knew Him.

So in my plight, in my desperation, I call out to the only one who meets all the requirements of a deliverer. In the Hebrew the word call means to address by name, so I call out to the LORD by His name. YAHWEH, help me for I am in distress. The enemy is upon me and I don’t know how I can get away if You do not come to my rescue.

I can call upon YAHWEH because He created me and knows me by name. Though I am a sinner, He loves me and sent Yeshua the Messiah to die in my place on the cross, And on top of all that, He has promised me that he will always be there for me no matter the situation. I have His Word,

Don't be afraid. I have rescued you. I have called you by name; now you belong to me.  When you cross deep rivers, I will be with you, and you won't drown. When you walk through fire, you won't be burned or scorched by the flames.  I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, the God who saves you: Isaiah 43:1-3 CEV

And so I praise Him because He and He alone is worthy!

I will praise thee: for thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation. Psalm 118:21